PICxPIC privacy policy

1. About the PICxPIC privacy policy

This policy is intended for reading by the guardians of children who may use PICxPIC applications. PICxPIC understands the importance of safeguarding the information gathered from an application and does everything in its power to do so. The types of information collected by PICxPIC and how that information is used are detailed below.

2. Information that PICxPIC collects and uses

PICxPIC applications may be equipped with a function which allows third parties contracted with PICxPIC to display and modify advertisements within an application on a user's device. While using our company's applications, specific information from a user's device may be used by PICxPIC or third-party advertisers contracted with PICxPIC for such purposes as calculating the number of times an ad displayed in an application is viewed. Data acquired from a user's device may include an IP address, device manufacturer and model, os version. These cannot be used to identify individual users.

3. Information that PICxPIC will not collect or use

PICxPIC applications will not demand, collect, transfer, or sell personal information such as your name, email address, credit card number, or social security number. It will also not obtain, use, transfer, or sell any images, contact information, or data stored in other applications in your smart phone.

4. External links and paid add-ons

PICxPIC applications contain external links and paid add-on purchasing systems. The links include our company’s website, the App Store, and advertising company-determined third-party apps, websites, and the like. Please use PICxPIC applications only if you consent to the inclusion, within the applications, of external links and paid add-on purchasing systems.

5. The scope of this privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to all applications developed by PICxPIC.

6. Additional notes

The PICxPIC privacy policy is as stated above. Should you not wish to adhere to any of the stipulations of the privacy policy stated above, please cease using our company's applications.
If you are uncertain about any portion of this policy, please contact us at info [at] picxpic.com.

This policy is effective as of September 10th, 2013.